AAP audio S-300

Frequency range 740-790 MHZ

Tunable channel number 100 x 2

Oscillation mode Phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis

Frequency stability Plus or minus 10 PPM

Reception mode Secondary superheterodyne frequency conversion

Pilot way Digital pilot

Receiving sensitivity – 95 – – 95 DBM

Frequently ring tone 40-18000 hz

Harmonic distortion 0.5% or less

Signal to noise ratio 110 db or higher

Audio output Equilibrium output and mixed output

Transmission power 3-30 mw

Modulation mode Frequency modulation (FM)

The battery specification 2 no.5 batteries

Power supply specifications 100-240 – v 50-60 hz 12 VDC power adapter (switch)

12 VDC or 220 vac / 50-60 hz (linear power supply)

The power consumption 10 w or less