AAP audio K-9900 II

AAP audio K-9900 II luxury digital Karaoke mixer
Music will be much better thanks to the digital Equalizer system, which can be adjusted extremely efficiently and flexibly with each detailed frequency in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. (replace input Equalizer to tune music)

Never howl the microphone even when the microphone volume is turned up because AAP – K9900 II luxury has 4 automatic cutting modes (Fedback) and a digital Equalizer system that can be synthesized for the entire system. speakers and Equalizer align separately for each speaker line, even cutting down only a few frequencies that cause a squealing or buzzing sound without affecting the adjacent frequency bands so the whole The sound strip is not distorted but brings a smooth sound range that no other karaoke amplifier can do. (replaces the output Equalizer to adjust the microphone)

Using K9900 II luxury will not be dead speakers, speaker damage because it has a system to manage, control, set thresholds and limits for input sound intensity and output sound intensity. (Replacement for Compresso)

K9900 II luxury has a flexible and intelligent fine-tuning system for the subwoofer line, significantly improving the sound efficiency of the electric subwoofer and especially effective with steam subs, even holding a microphone. singing at a very high volume, pressing close to the woofer is not buzzing or hissing. The subwoofer line of AAP – K9900 II luxury can also be used as an alternative, taking the microphone bass from the subwoofer in case the full speaker lacks bass and the sound is too thin. (completely replace and better than any other. any crossover device)

It is possible to mix and use speakers of different sizes, sizes and power in the same room because K9900 II luxury has 8 independent output signal lines and an Equalizer system that aligns each speaker separately (replaces Driver rack)

Never have the microphone crackle even when placing the microphone close to your mouth and singing loudly. K9900 II luxury is equipped with an intelligent processor and high-end signal circuitry, in addition, it also uses the latest generation of audio calibration software, manufactured by Winbond Corporation, a solution provider. The largest semiconductor in the world today and users can download it for free on APPSTORE.

Using K9900 II luxury will no longer have noise, background buzzing, boiling sound, and hiss when turning on the device without playing music or boiling sound while transferring songs, thanks to the noisegate processing system.

Automatically balance the input signal, limiting the state of music playing loud and small according to each song of today’s karaoke players.

Easy to use because it is possible to adjust the modes for each genre of music such as yellow music, young music, remix music, synthesizer … and each voice with just one button because after it has been installed it is good for each genre of music. And the singer can save those modes and then call back with just one button on the remote, I phone, Ipad or laptop.

The product’s stability is very high, the error rate and distortion is very low, there is no distortion or distortion due to long time use thanks to high-precision digital technology, it is never wrong. mechanical side like today’s analog amplifiers.

In short: The K9900 II Plus solves any problems arising from the karaoke installation that a professional karaoke room setup needs to produce the perfect sound for all existing equipment. If there are any questions that the user has not been able to do as mentioned above, please call the seller or call 0838220088 for advice on how to use them.



Output Channel Main (L/R) / Center / SUB / SURR (L/R)


75 dB

1KHz 0dB


95 dB


MIC / Music


1KHz 0dB Input
MAX Input Level



1KHz 0dB



MAX Output Level

MIC / Music


1KHz 0dB Input





Input Impedance


10K unbalanced


47K unbalanced

Output Impedance

300 balanced, 1K unbalanced

Crosstalk of Channels



4 Levels

Parameters of Channels

Music Input

13 bands PEQ+LPF+HPF, Frequency: 20Hz-20000Hz, Gain: ±20dB.

L/R Main Output

Signal Mixer+Polarity+7 Bands PEQ+LPF+HPF+Limiter+Delay+Gain

    Center / SURR / SUB

Signal Mixer+Polarity+5 Bands PEQ+LPF+HPF+Limiter+Delay+Gain

Gross Weight

3.9 KG

Package Dimensions(W*H*D)