AAP audio ASW 118

• Compact, direct-radiator subwoofer
• 1 x 18” (460mm) driver with 4” (100mm) voice coil • Water resistant cone
• Large ports for reduced air noise
• Perforated steel grille
• Black or white standard colour options
• Optional ying points

The AAP audio ASW 118 is a compact, high performance subwoofer that extends the low frequency operating range of the combined system to 35Hz and provides exceptional low frequency impact. An ideal partner for the CDD10, CDD12 and CDD15, it features a long-excursion 18” (460mm)/4” (100 mm) voice coil driver with a water-resistant cone and triple roll surround in a compact re ex enclosure.

The design of the 18” driver maximises output while minimising power compression and distortion, and the four re ex ports have a large frontal area to reduce turbulent air noise at very high levels. The enclosure is constructed from high-density MDF and its perforated steel grille is pre-curved to withstand physical damage.
Finished in black (RAL9005) or white (RAL9016) textured paint as standard, the AAP audio ASW 118 can be supplied in any RAL colour to order and it can be supplied tted with optional ying points.

When used with CDD full-range systems, crossover and EQ functions can either be performed by the DX0.5, DX1.5 and DX2 system controllers, or by an MA Series ampli er with onboard DSP option.

Type Compact, direct radiating subwoofer
Frequency Response (1) 40Hz-150Hz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 35Hz
Driver 18” (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil, long excursion, ferrite magnet, waterproof cone
Rated Power (2) 1000W AES, 4000W peak
Sensitivity (10) 102dB
Maximum Spl (9) 132dB continuous, 138dB peak (half space)
Nominal Impedance
Dispersion (-6Db) Omnidirectional
Crossover 80-120Hz active
Enclosure 160 litre, high-density MDF
Finish Black or white textured paint
Protective Grille Black or white perforated steel
Connectors Low profile 20A push-lock
Pin Connections Left to right: Input+, Input -, Link -, Link+
Dimensions (W) 662mm x (H) 530mm x (D) 640mm

(W) 26.1ins x (H) 20.9ins x (D) 25.2ins

Weight 42kg (93lbs)